Mobile news: Quad-core on Samsung Galaxy S III

Rumours about Galaxy S III will have Quad-core processor. Samsung will unveil its Quad-core processor handset on Mobile World Congress in this coming February – and was believed by many that it is Galaxy S III.

From the previous year, Samsung produced moreover 10 million Galaxy S II globally since April. It runs a Dual-core processor ranging from 1.2GHz to 1.5GHz clock speed.

The Galaxy S III will represent the dive of Quad-core’s natural processor and it is not the first Quad-core handset since Asus’ Eee Transformer Prime uses Tegra 3 Quad-core from Nvidia.

Expect in 2012 that Quad-core processors will be built on Google’s Android supported handset like HTC, Motorola and etc if Samsung will integrate Quad-core chipset on its Galaxy S III. That would be good news for buyers since they will have options which Quad-core handset they will buy.

More Quad-core processor this year but it is not only about the processors but also about hardware that were built for our own interests. We may now reach the super-frenetic mobile as we go further every year.

However, as giant manufacturers will produce handset integrated with Quad-core chipset, expect Apple will do the same with its iPhone 5 or 6. (c) 2012

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