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Microsoft Interim Goal is To Pass Apple in China

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

The largest software maker in the world Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) is very positive in its Windows Phone operating system saying it will surpass Apple Inc. (AAPL) in smartphone market share in China. Microsoft’s mobile maker partners have started to release devices running in Windows Phone costing as little as $158.

Microsoft’s chairman and CEO for the Greater China region Simon Leung said their interim goal is to get higher market share than Apple in the country. However, he did not give a time frame to materialize their goal.

Experts believe that China is likely to become the largest smartphone market in the world this year, making it important to manufacturers and sellers not to ignore the country’s potential market. According to research company IDC, shipments of devices for downloading games and movies will increase by 52 percent equivalent to 137 million units in China in 2012, surpassing the U.S. for the first time.

Leung revealed that they will continue to offer low prices of mobile devices and their ultimate goal is to become number one.

Manufacturing partners of Microsoft would offer prices for as low as 1,000 yuan or $158, according to Leung. However, there is no mobile news yet specifying which devices or partners would offer it. Microsoft decided to just supply software to handset manufacturers rather than make its own phones. Among its partners are Nokia Oyj (NOK1V), Samsung Electronics Co., HTC Corp. (2498) and ZTE Corp. (763).

The 16-gigabyte iPhone 4S is sold in China for 4,988 yuan.

Microsoft already introduced its new Windows Phone 7.5 in China but Leung declined to reveal specific handsets using the system.

A mobile news blog stated that HTC has started introducing the first Windows Phone in the country in its HTC Eternity. The device is unlocked boasting a 4.7 inches screen with front-and-rear-facing camera and offering popular Chinese apps. However, the price is not mentioned.

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Mobile News | Android Browser Continues to Increase its Market Share

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

According to StatCounter mobile news, the built-in Android browser continues to increase its market share.

Android was ahead to Research in Motion’s BlackBerry browser in March last year to get the 4th spot. Since that time, Android browser has grown significantly, overcoming Apple, Opera and Nokia’s mobile web browsers.

Last February 2012, Android beating the Opera’s 21.7% market share by reaching 22.6% share, the first time they beat the Opera.

Apple’s iPhone continues to increase its share with 21.06% while the market share of Nokia and BlackBerry continues to go downward with their 11.24% and 6.53% market share respectively.

However, StatCounter mobile news did not include the share for browsers from iPhone and iPod. It noted that if combine, Apple’s iOS browser will be at the top spot with 25.36%. The iPad is excluded.

Mobile App Makers Take Data Without Owner’s Knowledge

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Mobile news – App developers are free to take user’s personal data without permission from the phone’s owners. App developers mostly get data from address book in smartphones.

Makers of most popular smartphones apps routinely get information from the phone’s personal address books and in some instances they store stolen information on their own computers. The practice was under investigation by members of Congress after seeing the news that getting such data was an industry best practice.

Based on the published rules on apps, Apple expressly disallows that practice. The company was sent a letter by lawmakers how approved apps were allowed to get address book data without the knowledge of the owners. However, it its statement, Apple did not mention reason why those apps had been approved.

Apple spokesman Tom Neumayr said that that such practice in collecting user’s data secretly is strictly now allowed on their guidelines. He added that they are taking necessary steps to stop the practice and any app that want to access contact data will need user approval in a future software release.

The Federal Trade Commission, which regulates the use of data from consumers on the Internet, has sanctioned big companies such as Google and Facebook over privacy concerns. However, the commission still has no comment regarding the practices of app makers.

The most popular applications for iPod, iPad and iPhone such as Foodspotting, Hipster and Gowalla were not stopped by Apple from taking user’s contact and transmitting without user’s permission.
Android OS maker Google forces developers to ask user’s permission to access any personal data up front.

The purpose of app makers to collect data is to help easily expand the network of people using their program. The practice of getting information from address book came to light when mobile social network Path was noticed by a developer uploading the whole address books to its servers without permission from users. The company has promised to stop the practice and destroy the data it has collected after the news came out.

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Mobile News: Microsoft and Apple are Leading the Move to Bring Phone Design to Computers

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

In recent days, a lot of the activities in the land of devices are taking place in mobile phones – such as their innovative models and applications that operate on them. That has put desktop computer and laptop computer appearing a bit dull in comparison.

Hence computers are eventually growing more phonelike.

Microsoft and Apple companies are leading the charge in this industry. One of the major mobile news in later part of February was the introduction of Microsoft to its newest operating system for computers and tablets, Windows 8, which imitates the look and feel of the company’s latest software for mobile phones. And Apple lately presented a preview of its upcoming operating system for Macs, integrating components from the iPhone and iPad.

Analyst at the research organization Canalys Tim Coulling mentioned that all of the main developments for computer systems are coming from the mobile phone.

The firms anticipate this method will provide them additional influence in the industry for tablets and smartphones, which is increasing to compete with the industry for personal computers. And it might also help them in selling more computers or, in Microsoft’s case, computer softwares.

Consumers who obtain an iPad or iPhone, for instance, may be more likely to also get a Mac PC if they function as partners easily and have elements that run the same way on both equipment. For Apple, which still has just a minor share of the computer business, that could be a major advantage.

In Microsoft’s situation, it must maintain its usual dominance in the PC operating system industry with software that is flexible enough to also work on tablet computers.

Apple and Microsoft have similar strong competitor, Google, which has the most famous mobile phone operating system in Android, but does not have a good position in computer softwares. Part of Google’s approach is to compensate for that by providing sites and services on the Web that link in with Android products. Just recently, the company introduced an edition of its Web browser, Chrome, that allows customers synchronize their Web searches between their mobile equipment and computers.

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Samsung Sells Enough Phones | Mobile News

Friday, January 27th, 2012

The smartphone wars were focusing on Apple and Google, as well as Research in Motion and Microsoft are still in the industry finding ways to hit the market. While Samsung was successfully gained the market share as some surveys unveiled its recorded profit.

HTC presented its financial decline, while Samsung is still at the peak in where it sells over 35 million smartphones in the previous quarter.

From a recent survey, Google has been experiencing a deluge of new Android device activations with a current run rate of 255.5 million a year – that gives a 64 million per quarter.

Apple sold 35 million of iPhones last quarter, compared to 64 million that Google has. Who dominated the Android devices? We all know that it is Samsung.

Analysts believed that Samsung sold more than 35 million smartphones alone even though the company hasn’t reported about their unit sales.

As the current rates show us that Google Android dominates and to assume that Samsung also dominated the device, then Google will still be undefeated from being no. 1.

Even Motorola which was owned by Google now could not defeat the volume of Samsung smartphones that were sold-out.

Only Samsung can demand Google for changes like new technical directions and features to improve the sales in the industry. Most of the Android devices are Samsung and no other manufacturers can demand Google. Google cannot get rid from Samsung, as Google depends its success in Samsung and would not gamble to advice Samsung to use Windows Phone. (c) 2012

Mobile News: Fewer phone model this year according to executives

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

Mobile news – As smartphone models began to raise promptly, executive worried of what would be the effect of too much models, and to answer the problem, fewer phone models this year.

At CES 2012 in Las Vegas, Motorola’s CEO Sanjay Jha announced that the company will produce fewer models for this year to avoid confusions among customers.

HTC also looks the same principle as Vice President Drew Bamford stated during a board discussion on a show last Wednesday that, “It’s a goal to have less phones,”

Also Samsung’s Product Marketing Director Ryan Bidan agreed on the said resolution. He was not sure if the company would unleash fewer smartphones this year. “Sheer SKU proliferation is a problem,” Bidan said.

He also concluded that the companies produce more models was due to prompt technology evolution. He said that, “It comes back to the rate of change in the market. If there’s new-slash-better technology available and I don’t supply it for you, I’m going to hear from you that it’s not available,”

He also justify that the reason why Samsung will have to create more devices is to satisfy different customers as we have observe that smartphone created by Samsung don’t have the same features. “Not every solution will fit everyone,” he said.

Microsoft is looking forward to occupy smartphones with Windows Phone as they do not create hardware. It may take time as most of the handsets do not support Windows Phone yet. According to a Director from Microsoft Aaron Woodman that, “We have a stated objective to have a broader selection of handsets running Windows Phone on the market.”

He also said that Microsoft is looking forward to have different design from their competitor like Apple and Google. “In some cases now, we just do less. Functionality without accessibility is just not worth it… Trying to differentiate on the experience level is our focus” he said.

Aaron Woodman also clarifies that they do not idolize Apple as we all know that Microsoft and Apple had been competing in the past. “I have no desire to be Apple. It’s not in our company DNA, it’s not in our brand DNA and it’s not our approach to the problem. We feel really proud in the differences we see,” he said.

Bamford of HTC stated about the impact of Apple’s entry as this company never participated CES 2012.

“I think there’s always space for something. If not, the industry is dead,” Bamford said.

Woodman replied in disagreement to Bamford statement, “It’s too expensive to get into this market so there are a limited number of companies that could enter now. Even Hewlett-Packard, with its deep pockets, couldn’t make a go with WebOS. Small companies may innovate “around the edges” and then be acquired by larger companies to make a difference, “ (c) 2012