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The Growing Mobile Broadband Market in India

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

Mobile news…India might be one of the countries with high population and poverty levels. But when it comes to mobile broadband market, you do not have to underestimate what this country is capable of. There have been mobile news reports that claim the strong position of India to dominate in the mobile broadband market. In fact, the country is expected to become the second largest market around the globe within the next four years.

By 2016, the mobile news anticipated India to have more than 350 million mobile broadband connections. Also, India is poised to surpass the number of broadband connections in U.S. However, China will still top the rating with the expected 639 million mobile broadband connections in the said year.

September 2010 was the start of India’s boom in the mobile broadband connection market because it was the year when mobile operators in the country were first awarded with 3G licenses. Since then, the connections of mobile broadband have been growing continuously along with the increasing number of people diving into the market. As what mobile news forecasted, HSPA connections, which are currently 10 million in number across the nation, will exponentially escalate by 900 percent to more than 95 million connections of mobile broadband in 2014.

India has proven a competitor in the market. It has been gaining international attention following its dramatic growth when it comes to mobile phones and the forecasted number is likely to come.

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