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Mobile News: Microsoft and Apple are Leading the Move to Bring Phone Design to Computers

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

In recent days, a lot of the activities in the land of devices are taking place in mobile phones – such as their innovative models and applications that operate on them. That has put desktop computer and laptop computer appearing a bit dull in comparison.

Hence computers are eventually growing more phonelike.

Microsoft and Apple companies are leading the charge in this industry. One of the major mobile news in later part of February was the introduction of Microsoft to its newest operating system for computers and tablets, Windows 8, which imitates the look and feel of the company’s latest software for mobile phones. And Apple lately presented a preview of its upcoming operating system for Macs, integrating components from the iPhone and iPad.

Analyst at the research organization Canalys Tim Coulling mentioned that all of the main developments for computer systems are coming from the mobile phone.

The firms anticipate this method will provide them additional influence in the industry for tablets and smartphones, which is increasing to compete with the industry for personal computers. And it might also help them in selling more computers or, in Microsoft’s case, computer softwares.

Consumers who obtain an iPad or iPhone, for instance, may be more likely to also get a Mac PC if they function as partners easily and have elements that run the same way on both equipment. For Apple, which still has just a minor share of the computer business, that could be a major advantage.

In Microsoft’s situation, it must maintain its usual dominance in the PC operating system industry with software that is flexible enough to also work on tablet computers.

Apple and Microsoft have similar strong competitor, Google, which has the most famous mobile phone operating system in Android, but does not have a good position in computer softwares. Part of Google’s approach is to compensate for that by providing sites and services on the Web that link in with Android products. Just recently, the company introduced an edition of its Web browser, Chrome, that allows customers synchronize their Web searches between their mobile equipment and computers.

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