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Windows Phone as the heart of attraction in CES 2012 |Mobile News

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Mobile news presents… People in CES 2012 were looking forward to witness the HTC Titan II and Nokia Lumia 900 that both run with Windows Phone OS – a good news for Nokia to hit the market possibly this year.

Nokia’s CEO Steve Ballmer stated that, “The past year has really been the whole push to build what clearly can be the strong third ecosystem in the smartphone market, with a very differentiated point of view,”

The CES 2012 event was full of anticipation from attendees that have been looking forward on Nokia’s new generation smartphones especially the Lumia series and other Windows Phone smartphones.

“Why Windows Phone is Making Waves at CES” and “How Nokia’s Lumia 900 Windows Phone Won CES before It Even Started” are the questions that thumped the curiosity of individuals.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone VS Google’s Android
Microsoft gives the best and stable features to smartphones that will run Windows Phone while the Google’s Android OS allows manufacturers and carriers to customize the handset for their exposure.

Microsoft allows OEMs and carries to append features but is limited.

Microsoft Senior Product Manager Greg Sullivan announced that Nokia is allowed to append features such as pinning apps as Live Tiles on homesrceen and improving app level while HTC was granted to customize Titan II like adding a live tile HTC Hub and extra feature for the Camera that would allow to capture panorama mode and auto fix.

The Titan II of HTC has a 16 mega-pixel rear-facing camera while others have 8 mega-pixels and 12 mega-pixel rear-facing cameras and some of them don’t give satisfactory.

If Microsoft has its own Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, Google also has its own Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. According to an analyst Charles Golvin of Forrester that, “I think the excitement around ICS is really for developers to be able to craft apps that go seamlessly across phone and tablet,”

Galaxy Note and Sony Xperia are not too catchy for this year’s CES, we’ve been witnessing high-powered devices with multi-processor and it doesn’t seem to be new. The entry of Nokia is the most interesting as we tend to focus on new player, see what they can give to customers.

Nokia and Microsoft Alliance
As Nokia have been producing quality phones before, its OS makes the consumer disappointed. But now, after the announcement of the two companies Nokia and Microsoft collaboration earlier this year, people tend to look forward on what these two giant companies could give us.

According to Sullivan, “There’s been a great amount of pent-up demand to see the results of this relationship. Because of our different approach, I think every Windows phone is going to be the flagship. It’s true the Nokia relationship is unique, so we’ll see some great collaboration, but we have great collaboration with other partners as well.”
In fact, the Nokia unleashed its Lumia 710 and 900 overseas while the Lumia 800 was exclusive to Canada for now.

The Nokia Lumia 900 and the HTC Titan II are having an intense competition concerning the interest of the people; Sullivan says that, “I love all my children equally”. Though the Nokia Lumia 900 is ahead just a little bit than HTC’s Titan II, it is still up to the consumer.

Microsoft’s Journey
According to some critics, for Microsoft to hit the market share or divert the interest of the customer, they must acquire four main things to be able to succeed. First, give quality efforts in investing the market. Second, winning “flagship” positioning with carriers for several devices over the course of the year, Third, offering a range of devices on each carrier network and forth convince people that Windows Phone OS is lot way better than iOS, why should they will buy it.

And not to forget Nokia, they have to work harder to attract people as they have only just begun in the game.

Nevertheless, the collaboration of the two companies is a massive Ice Breaker in the smartphone industry. They might bit the highest rank this year or not but they have done unique ideas on smartphones. (c) 2012

Samsung Sells Enough Phones | Mobile News

Friday, January 27th, 2012

The smartphone wars were focusing on Apple and Google, as well as Research in Motion and Microsoft are still in the industry finding ways to hit the market. While Samsung was successfully gained the market share as some surveys unveiled its recorded profit.

HTC presented its financial decline, while Samsung is still at the peak in where it sells over 35 million smartphones in the previous quarter.

From a recent survey, Google has been experiencing a deluge of new Android device activations with a current run rate of 255.5 million a year – that gives a 64 million per quarter.

Apple sold 35 million of iPhones last quarter, compared to 64 million that Google has. Who dominated the Android devices? We all know that it is Samsung.

Analysts believed that Samsung sold more than 35 million smartphones alone even though the company hasn’t reported about their unit sales.

As the current rates show us that Google Android dominates and to assume that Samsung also dominated the device, then Google will still be undefeated from being no. 1.

Even Motorola which was owned by Google now could not defeat the volume of Samsung smartphones that were sold-out.

Only Samsung can demand Google for changes like new technical directions and features to improve the sales in the industry. Most of the Android devices are Samsung and no other manufacturers can demand Google. Google cannot get rid from Samsung, as Google depends its success in Samsung and would not gamble to advice Samsung to use Windows Phone. (c) 2012

HTC to Display two Quad-core smartphones in MWC 2012

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

HTC has announced of displaying two Quad-core smartphone in MWS (Mobile World Congress) 2012. The MWS is said to be happened in Barcelona. The Taiwanese manufacturer will unleash its newest smartphone that will be equipped with Quad-core processor.

Other manufacturers are also expected to display Quad-core smartphones in MWC 2012. JP Morgan was pleased to HTC’s new vision of a new stock weight classification of “overweight”.

However, Samsung, Motorola and LG will produce quad-core smartphone this year but HTC would probably unleash its superphone earlier. (c) 2012

Apple wins against HTC Patent Violations

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

ITC (International Trade Commission) confirmed that HTC violated some patent owned by Apple last Monday.

Some HTC devices were banned by the authorities in US from illegal use of iPhone-like features as Apple claimed.

United States ITC decision is the most anticipated development in Apple’s legal battle against the giant smartphone makers, Samsung, Motorola and HTC who use the Google Android Operating Software.

In a thousands of claims, iPhone had made their best to produce handset originally designed, built properly to avoid rivalry against other manufacturers from patent infringement.

According to the ITC, the HTC had violated the 15-year-old Apple’s patent in which they have copied the way phone numbers and addresses display on email address. iPhone claimed that they were the first to design the effect of taping an email address containing a number that will automatically perform a call.

“I don’t see this is a big deal…It’s going to make Apple feel better…it’s just one independent case.” said Bijal V. Vakil, (Intellectual property attorney at White & Case.)HTC promises the removal of this feature on or before the ITC deadline on April.
Apple has been monitoring Google-powered devices from rapidly striking the market. According to the Firm research Gartner; Apple constantly sold 15% of phones each quarter.
iPhone claimed to be 10 patent violations against them but the International Trade Commission only grant them 1 case.
It was concluded by observers that iPhone missed the opportunity for hitting the market after ITC neglected Apple’s patent complain about how these Google Android-powered smartphones process and transmit data. This gives an idea for consumers to buy Google Android-powered smartphones.

According to a patent specialist and a consultant, Florian Mueller, if Apple succeeded on their claim about the violation of data-processing patent, then it would be difficult for the HTC to redesign its handsets.

“It would be like having to take an entire floor out of your house and completely replace it — that would be hard to do without the house crashing down.” he said.

Regarding to the minor email patent won by apple, Florian said that this minor revision is like extending the home improvement analogy.

“It is more like if you just had to replace your TV.” he said.

For him, it won’t take Apple for another victory, even Germany and US would grant their claims, they could not stop Android phones to avert from the market.

“It’s not like you can win on a single patent like this and force people out of the market…But with a whole team of such patents, certainly that could be meaningful from a competitive point of view.” Mueller said. (c) 2011

HTC Breaks a Patent Owned by Apple

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

HTC a Taiwanese smartphone maker had violated some patent owned by Apple. Judge verdicts that some HTC devices use Google Android operating systems contravene a patent owned by Apple last July. ITC (International Trade Commission) takes over on the most monitored patent issue in the world.

HTC devices may not be imported in US after April 19, 2012 due to the patent violation involvement. This will surely affect the international trading of HTC to America.

40% of HTC smartpones distributed in North America were sold out and most of them were using Google’s Android Operating System. According to a firm market researcher, Gartner, HTC made a hit and sold many smartphones more than the iPhone and Samsung by the third quarter.

Ban on some HTC smartphones would be a blow since they were on the top of the sales. The Taiwanese smartphone maker informed investors to expect their revenue for the upcoming quarter would be less than last year. HTC had already lost nearly two-thirds of the share since May.

Not only HTC is on a battle of Patent infringement, also HTC said that Apple also had violated patent they owned, Samsung over Apple and Apple over Samsung. This battle was call “the first Global Patent War” as said by Joshua Walker – the Lex Machina Chairman.

Samsung claimed that iPhone 4, 4s and iPad had violated some patent day owned last December 16, 2011. On the same day, ITC had spoken to review about Apple if they had infringed any patent owned by HTC.
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 was banned in Germany after Apple claimed that the handset violated some of Apple’s patent.
Smoot-Hawley or Tariff Act of 1930 stated that the ITC may ban imports that infringe American patents and for which an American industry exists. That’s why ITC ruled the patent issue being involved by 3 giant smartphone makers.

According to an Intellectual Property specialist Eric Schweibenz, that ITC has the advantage to be appealed by the American district courts.

Schweibenz predicted that the decision will not go beyond 2 years or more but 16 months rather. “Light-speed compared with a district court” he said.

However, the battle between HTC and Apple is just the beginning of global patent war including Samsung. They have their own opinion and beliefs and will defend themselves to prove that one of them had never violated one’s patent. (c) 2011

Learn to Counter Recent Security Flaws on Mobile Device

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Recent reports about security flaws on mobile devices worried users on the protection of their personal activities every time they use their phones. The following are the quick look of recent security concerns on mobile devices and tips to prevent hackers and thieves invade your privacy.

Security researcher Trevor Eckhart claimed that Carrier IQ’s diagnostic software, which allegedly installed on 140 million handsets worldwide, has been recording in secret the user data such as Web browsing history and keystrokes. Consumers, privacy advocates and Congress took part on the issue since then. Verizon Wireless claimed that their phones do not have any Carrier IQ’s software. However, Apple, Samsung, AT&T, HTC, Sprint and T-Mobile admit that some of their phones have software from Carrier IQ. Meanwhile, Research In Motion and Nokia said that they do not use the controversial software on their phones. However, some skeptics think that the issue may not progress further since no one has attempted to address the concern such as a peer review or anything like that.

TIP: Interested mobile device users may want to check out a free app that is capable to detect Carrie IQ app on this site

North Carolina State University researchers found out that some pre-loaded apps on Android handsets have major security flaws that could be utilized for stealing data, wiping the handset and listening to calls. The threats were discovered on eight different smartphones from Samsung, Motorola, Google and HTC. According to ZDNet, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has said that over 150 private sector organizations in 25 countries are capable of tracing mobile devices, intercepting messages and listening to calls as well as accessing e-mail accounts and Internet browsing histories. The stolen information can be sold to private industry partners or even to governments.

TIP: To stay protected, it is necessary to always delete browsing history from mobile phones. If possible, never use mobile phones to make bank transactions or any other major transactions. Making use of laptop or desktop with anti-virus installed is much safer.

Polytechnic Institute of New York University researchers made an experiment by making calls to 10,000 random Skype users and learned that even when recipients did not take the incoming call, their IP addresses were vulnerable and could be used by hackers to locate them, to know what they download and who they chat with.
TIP: Do not turn on Skype if not expecting a call and do not use real name in the username. (c) 2011