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Mobile News: Famous Chipset Maker for Feature Phones Mediatek is Planning to Increase its Smartphone Sales

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Mobile news – Taiwan-based MediaTek, semiconductor firm, is planning to broaden its product range by increasing its smartphone sales to 50 million in 2012 from 10 million in 2011. MediaTek is hoping to achieve its goal with its new Android chipset known as the MT6575. This processor is capable of supporting 3D panels, DTV grad quality picture processing on a mobile display, 4-in-1 connectivity and many more.

The MT6575 sample phones received good reviews. Experts said that these phones have good speed in navigation, superb graphics and desirable video playback when tested with Gingerbread as well as Android ICS. The HD quality photo rendering and excellent 3D display are features that reportedly impressive in this phone.

The company hopes to penetrate North American and European markets with its mid-range smartphone. Most of the company’s business is currently restricted to China. Initially, the company expects to roll out devices running with Gingerbread and conversion to Ice Cream Sandwich in March. The MT6575 is System on Chip (SoC) based chipset with a single core 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 application processor embedded with a graphics engine and 3G/HSPA modem.

MediaTek offers a cheaper alternative to the iPhone4, which also run with the same ARM processor. However, Apple already upgraded to iPhone4s with much improved hardware. It seems that MediaTek is aiming to introduce an outdated hardware.

MediaTek is also a major player in providing chipsets for digital TVs and is currently ranked no.2 in the world in the said industry.

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New Android Firmware on Galaxy Nexus

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Mobile news – As Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Nexus with Gingerbread, now Galaxy Nexus will have a new firmware, Ice Cream Sandwich which is 4.0 version of Google’s Android platform.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is not quite good enough compared with the Galaxy S II. It has only 5 mega-pixels and the processor has a clock speed of 1+GHz.

Google announced that Ice Cream Sandwich is now available on smartphones, this means that any smartphones supported by Ice Cream Sandwich can also experience newest updates on tablets that carries Ice Cream Sandwich.

Google made an overall repair on every aspects of the system; this will give a new change on the firmware.

On the Galaxy Nexus, nothing has changed with its physical appearance; it has still a power button and a volume rocker. On Android 4.0 which is the Ice Cream Sandwich, the four traditional buttons at the bottom were revolutionized into three virtual buttons. Two of them are as is, the home and back buttons.
While the third button will let you access to the task manager were running programs are listed. With this new feature, you cannot just promptly transfer between applications but you can also close programs that are not useful which are running.

Regarding to the “crapware” (like we already talked about here on Mobile News), some smartphones may not be able to uninstall this application while some may. Google has nothing to do with this application, only the handset manufacturers and the carriers are responsible. The Galaxy Nexus neither have crapware installed nor modifying StockROMs in any way.

The old option button can be located at the top right portion of the screen. Google had installed necessary streamlining so it would not be useful all the time using the old option button.

But the most appealing feature of Ice Cream Sandwich is that it has face detector tool which unlocks the handset whenever the face of the user is detected. This feature works with the front camera. Some users complain about its defectiveness.

Furthermore, there are many improvements with the firmware like the ability to zoom in and out on calendar items, more Gmail options, more extensive use of voice commands, a revamped contacts app and etc. (c) 2012