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Microsoft Interim Goal is To Pass Apple in China

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

The largest software maker in the world Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) is very positive in its Windows Phone operating system saying it will surpass Apple Inc. (AAPL) in smartphone market share in China. Microsoft’s mobile maker partners have started to release devices running in Windows Phone costing as little as $158.

Microsoft’s chairman and CEO for the Greater China region Simon Leung said their interim goal is to get higher market share than Apple in the country. However, he did not give a time frame to materialize their goal.

Experts believe that China is likely to become the largest smartphone market in the world this year, making it important to manufacturers and sellers not to ignore the country’s potential market. According to research company IDC, shipments of devices for downloading games and movies will increase by 52 percent equivalent to 137 million units in China in 2012, surpassing the U.S. for the first time.

Leung revealed that they will continue to offer low prices of mobile devices and their ultimate goal is to become number one.

Manufacturing partners of Microsoft would offer prices for as low as 1,000 yuan or $158, according to Leung. However, there is no mobile news yet specifying which devices or partners would offer it. Microsoft decided to just supply software to handset manufacturers rather than make its own phones. Among its partners are Nokia Oyj (NOK1V), Samsung Electronics Co., HTC Corp. (2498) and ZTE Corp. (763).

The 16-gigabyte iPhone 4S is sold in China for 4,988 yuan.

Microsoft already introduced its new Windows Phone 7.5 in China but Leung declined to reveal specific handsets using the system.

A mobile news blog stated that HTC has started introducing the first Windows Phone in the country in its HTC Eternity. The device is unlocked boasting a 4.7 inches screen with front-and-rear-facing camera and offering popular Chinese apps. However, the price is not mentioned.

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Mobile News | Microsoft Will Soon Shut Down App Store for Windows Mobile

Saturday, March 17th, 2012

Microsoft already made announcement to shut down the app store for its phone platform that it phase out. Owners of Windows Mobile phones can no longer browse the Marketplace starting May 9, 2012.

Owners of the new mobile OS of Microsoft, however, are not affected by the move. They can still enjoy the services of Windows Phone Marketplace.

Microsoft mentioned that users of old Windows Mobile phones who downloaded apps from Marketplace need not to worry because old apps will continue to work after the shutdown.

Additionally, the company reminded the affected users that if they make hard reset and delete apps to their Windows Mobile, they will no longer able to download them again from the Marketplace.

Mobile News sources indicate that the decision made by Microsoft is connected to its business plan reacting to the decline of its Windows Mobile’s share of the smartphone market, from 37% in 2006 to just only 3% in 2011.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone, the latest mobile operating system, is yet to pick up the fast phase of mobile world. According to mobile news sources, the company only has 3% of the smartphone market as of October 2011.

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Mobile News: Microsoft and Apple are Leading the Move to Bring Phone Design to Computers

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

In recent days, a lot of the activities in the land of devices are taking place in mobile phones – such as their innovative models and applications that operate on them. That has put desktop computer and laptop computer appearing a bit dull in comparison.

Hence computers are eventually growing more phonelike.

Microsoft and Apple companies are leading the charge in this industry. One of the major mobile news in later part of February was the introduction of Microsoft to its newest operating system for computers and tablets, Windows 8, which imitates the look and feel of the company’s latest software for mobile phones. And Apple lately presented a preview of its upcoming operating system for Macs, integrating components from the iPhone and iPad.

Analyst at the research organization Canalys Tim Coulling mentioned that all of the main developments for computer systems are coming from the mobile phone.

The firms anticipate this method will provide them additional influence in the industry for tablets and smartphones, which is increasing to compete with the industry for personal computers. And it might also help them in selling more computers or, in Microsoft’s case, computer softwares.

Consumers who obtain an iPad or iPhone, for instance, may be more likely to also get a Mac PC if they function as partners easily and have elements that run the same way on both equipment. For Apple, which still has just a minor share of the computer business, that could be a major advantage.

In Microsoft’s situation, it must maintain its usual dominance in the PC operating system industry with software that is flexible enough to also work on tablet computers.

Apple and Microsoft have similar strong competitor, Google, which has the most famous mobile phone operating system in Android, but does not have a good position in computer softwares. Part of Google’s approach is to compensate for that by providing sites and services on the Web that link in with Android products. Just recently, the company introduced an edition of its Web browser, Chrome, that allows customers synchronize their Web searches between their mobile equipment and computers.

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Windows Phone as the heart of attraction in CES 2012 |Mobile News

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Mobile news presents… People in CES 2012 were looking forward to witness the HTC Titan II and Nokia Lumia 900 that both run with Windows Phone OS – a good news for Nokia to hit the market possibly this year.

Nokia’s CEO Steve Ballmer stated that, “The past year has really been the whole push to build what clearly can be the strong third ecosystem in the smartphone market, with a very differentiated point of view,”

The CES 2012 event was full of anticipation from attendees that have been looking forward on Nokia’s new generation smartphones especially the Lumia series and other Windows Phone smartphones.

“Why Windows Phone is Making Waves at CES” and “How Nokia’s Lumia 900 Windows Phone Won CES before It Even Started” are the questions that thumped the curiosity of individuals.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone VS Google’s Android
Microsoft gives the best and stable features to smartphones that will run Windows Phone while the Google’s Android OS allows manufacturers and carriers to customize the handset for their exposure.

Microsoft allows OEMs and carries to append features but is limited.

Microsoft Senior Product Manager Greg Sullivan announced that Nokia is allowed to append features such as pinning apps as Live Tiles on homesrceen and improving app level while HTC was granted to customize Titan II like adding a live tile HTC Hub and extra feature for the Camera that would allow to capture panorama mode and auto fix.

The Titan II of HTC has a 16 mega-pixel rear-facing camera while others have 8 mega-pixels and 12 mega-pixel rear-facing cameras and some of them don’t give satisfactory.

If Microsoft has its own Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, Google also has its own Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. According to an analyst Charles Golvin of Forrester that, “I think the excitement around ICS is really for developers to be able to craft apps that go seamlessly across phone and tablet,”

Galaxy Note and Sony Xperia are not too catchy for this year’s CES, we’ve been witnessing high-powered devices with multi-processor and it doesn’t seem to be new. The entry of Nokia is the most interesting as we tend to focus on new player, see what they can give to customers.

Nokia and Microsoft Alliance
As Nokia have been producing quality phones before, its OS makes the consumer disappointed. But now, after the announcement of the two companies Nokia and Microsoft collaboration earlier this year, people tend to look forward on what these two giant companies could give us.

According to Sullivan, “There’s been a great amount of pent-up demand to see the results of this relationship. Because of our different approach, I think every Windows phone is going to be the flagship. It’s true the Nokia relationship is unique, so we’ll see some great collaboration, but we have great collaboration with other partners as well.”
In fact, the Nokia unleashed its Lumia 710 and 900 overseas while the Lumia 800 was exclusive to Canada for now.

The Nokia Lumia 900 and the HTC Titan II are having an intense competition concerning the interest of the people; Sullivan says that, “I love all my children equally”. Though the Nokia Lumia 900 is ahead just a little bit than HTC’s Titan II, it is still up to the consumer.

Microsoft’s Journey
According to some critics, for Microsoft to hit the market share or divert the interest of the customer, they must acquire four main things to be able to succeed. First, give quality efforts in investing the market. Second, winning “flagship” positioning with carriers for several devices over the course of the year, Third, offering a range of devices on each carrier network and forth convince people that Windows Phone OS is lot way better than iOS, why should they will buy it.

And not to forget Nokia, they have to work harder to attract people as they have only just begun in the game.

Nevertheless, the collaboration of the two companies is a massive Ice Breaker in the smartphone industry. They might bit the highest rank this year or not but they have done unique ideas on smartphones. (c) 2012

Mobile News: Windows Phone does a great job in CES 2012

Monday, January 30th, 2012

IN CES 2012, Microsoft announced its newest Windows Phone 7.5 for smartphones.

HTC Titan II and Nokia Lumia 900 were both nominated by CNET for the Best of CES award in the smartphone category. Both smartphones run Microsoft’s Windows Phone and supported with LTE 4G. The Nokia Lumia 900 took the prize.

Windows Phone failed on the previous years, and the recent CES showed Windows Phone rising with a new platform to make a difference in smartphone industry against Apple’s iOS.

Mobile press journalists and smartphone enthusiast appreciated the well designed, simple and unique interface of Windows phone but the hardware used on smartphone that runs the OS are quite not impressing. Software peculiarities like absence of landscape mode support, no multitasking, no copy and paste functions and a paddy supply of apps soured our taste for the new and the daring.

The new update of Windows Phone 7.5 Mango fixes bug issues such as the front-facing camera and pristine LTE 4G support. The Lumia 900 was the key player of Microsoft and Nokia from its entry on the US market to succeed this year and gain back what they have lost on the previous years. Nokia may possibly release 37 million Lumia 900 devices if the device will successfully hit the interest of the consumers.

On a CNET interview, Windows Phone senior product manager Greg Sullivan stated that, “2012 is going to be a big year for us,” they admit that before they will acquire success this year, it would require an extreme focus on how to play on the smartphone industry.

Microsoft will have to fix some issues such as reproducing language support, expanding and recuperating their cloud services and gradually stocking its app store with high-quality programs.

Having carrier partners will help Microsoft and Nokia to succeed as Lumia 900 was officially introduced by AT&T – not only the Lumia 900 but also some Windows Phone supported smartphones. HTC Titan II and Nokia Lumia 900 will be the candidates to endorse the LTE 4G of AT&T.

T-Mobile was also introducing Windows Phone device while Sprint and Verizon introduce only one Windows Phone smartphone.

Sullivan also admitted Microsoft’s weakness in CES while sharing his story about her sister who bought Android phone as part of a sales representative request, “We know there’s a lot we have to do in stores,”

A report announced last week that AT&T will earn commissions in selling Windows Phone supported smartphones, AT&T remains mute.

The entry of Microsoft on the smartphone industry was a job-well done. Though, they have to face more trials or obstacles to succeed, Microsoft will not hesitate to conquer the market as it has already learned from the past years. With its unique, simple and originally designed, Microsoft believes that they will make a difference this year. It is just the beginning and by then, they will mark the history of smartphone industry. (c) 2012

Samsung Sells Enough Phones | Mobile News

Friday, January 27th, 2012

The smartphone wars were focusing on Apple and Google, as well as Research in Motion and Microsoft are still in the industry finding ways to hit the market. While Samsung was successfully gained the market share as some surveys unveiled its recorded profit.

HTC presented its financial decline, while Samsung is still at the peak in where it sells over 35 million smartphones in the previous quarter.

From a recent survey, Google has been experiencing a deluge of new Android device activations with a current run rate of 255.5 million a year – that gives a 64 million per quarter.

Apple sold 35 million of iPhones last quarter, compared to 64 million that Google has. Who dominated the Android devices? We all know that it is Samsung.

Analysts believed that Samsung sold more than 35 million smartphones alone even though the company hasn’t reported about their unit sales.

As the current rates show us that Google Android dominates and to assume that Samsung also dominated the device, then Google will still be undefeated from being no. 1.

Even Motorola which was owned by Google now could not defeat the volume of Samsung smartphones that were sold-out.

Only Samsung can demand Google for changes like new technical directions and features to improve the sales in the industry. Most of the Android devices are Samsung and no other manufacturers can demand Google. Google cannot get rid from Samsung, as Google depends its success in Samsung and would not gamble to advice Samsung to use Windows Phone. (c) 2012