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Interesting Things in Mobile World Congress 2012

Saturday, March 10th, 2012

Mobile news presents… Before and after the “Mobile World Congress 2012” a lot of news came out. There were many rumours on what companies would have the most compelling mobile news. Here are some companies that did interesting things at the congress.

This year is the crucial year for efforts of Microsoft in mobile industry. Most interesting mobile news on Microsoft did happen in MWC 2012. Windows 8 and the Nokia Windows Phone deal is expected to mature more in the coming months. Windows Phone has been left behind by iOS and Android and has struggled to gain momentum in both smartphone and tablet markets. But things are expected to change for Microsoft.
Reception to the Windows 8 Consumer Preview has been getting positive feedbacks. Measured and praised for its bold and appealing look, the Windows 8 Consumer Preview suggests that Microsoft is catching up in computing industry. The company is surely has a long way to go but the Windows 8 is a good indication for better future.

The most interesting mobile news on HTC is that it shows sign to focus on quality rather than quantity. Their business strategy is working well so far. Its new “One” flagship line is doing well. The appealing device One X features 4.7- inch HD display with Beats Audio.

Android was all over the place at MWC. It is everywhere both on tablets and smartphones on different company. But the most interesting mobile news on Google was its own mobile version of its Chrome browser. While Google is known for its Android OS, it has also a lot to say outside Android realm.

The biggest winner at the event was Nokia. It won the “Best New Mobile Handset, Device or tablet at Mobile World Congress 2012” award from the GSMA. Nokia boasted its 808 PureView and embedded 41 megapixel Carl Zeiss camera.
The device’s features surprised many people. Nokia just offered something that no other device was able to match. Many question on the company’s decision to put the camera to a Symbian device but the company intends to bring the same functionality to Windows Phone devices in the future.

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