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The Growing Mobile Broadband Market in India

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

Mobile news…India might be one of the countries with high population and poverty levels. But when it comes to mobile broadband market, you do not have to underestimate what this country is capable of. There have been mobile news reports that claim the strong position of India to dominate in the mobile broadband market. In fact, the country is expected to become the second largest market around the globe within the next four years.

By 2016, the mobile news anticipated India to have more than 350 million mobile broadband connections. Also, India is poised to surpass the number of broadband connections in U.S. However, China will still top the rating with the expected 639 million mobile broadband connections in the said year.

September 2010 was the start of India’s boom in the mobile broadband connection market because it was the year when mobile operators in the country were first awarded with 3G licenses. Since then, the connections of mobile broadband have been growing continuously along with the increasing number of people diving into the market. As what mobile news forecasted, HSPA connections, which are currently 10 million in number across the nation, will exponentially escalate by 900 percent to more than 95 million connections of mobile broadband in 2014.

India has proven a competitor in the market. It has been gaining international attention following its dramatic growth when it comes to mobile phones and the forecasted number is likely to come.

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Mobile News: The Magic in Sony Xperia Sola

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Mobile news – Sony Mobile Communications announced the newest addition to its portfolio of Android smartphones, the Xperia Sola. The new Android powered Xperia is complete with Sony technology boasting the company’s premium entertainment and innovative floating touchTM navigation. The Xperia Sola is equipped with Xperia SmatTags, allowing users to experience the convenience of changing settings and applications of their smartphones that would best fit their lifestyle. Xperia Sola is available in black, white and red colors.

The floating touch of magic technology is making its debut in Xperia Sola. This technology allows users to navigate the web by just hovering their finger above the screen to have a moving cursor. Once users found the desired link it can be highlighted and to open the page, a simple tap is all it needs. Floating touch promises to evolve through software updates and engagement with developers to always give consumers new user functionality and applications.

Everyday smartphone experience has never been the same with NFC enabled Xperia Sola that comes with two NFC SmartTags. Launching a pre-configured profile can be done by simply touching an NFC Android smartphone on a SmartTag. Users can personalized up to 10 commands with the two SmartTags.

Moreover, Xperia Sola boasts high quality clarity with its Reality Display technology made possible by Mobile BRAVIAR Engine. Other features that come with Sola are xLOUD and 3D surround sound audio technology for loud and crisp sound delivery, and a 1GHz dual-core for blazing fast performance.

Camera capturing is also fast with Xperia Sola in which it only takes a little over a second from sleep to snap with a single key press.

Video and music lovers can enjoy premium entertainment with Sony Entertainment Network through Video Unlimited and Music Unlimited.

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Mobile Phones Will Exceed the Population by the End of 2012 |Mobile News

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

Mobile news… According to a US technology company Cisco that mobile phones will exceed the population of humans by the end of 2012.

A report shows that the number of mobile phones will grow more than the population and was predicted to hit 10 billion devices by 2016. The number would exceed the human’s population of 7.3 billion based on numbers of smartphone connected.

In 2011, approximately 7 billion devices were confirmed to be connected all over the world – almost closer to 7.3 billion. An augmentation of 1.4 devices per capita before the year end.

According to Cisco that the first to be affected by the increasing number of devices will be at Middle East and Africa and was expected to experience an annual growth rate of 104 percent and followed by Asia Pacific region to have 84 percent of growth rate.

By 2016, internet trafficking is expected to multiply by 18 times bookkeeping for 130 exabytes of data per year.

The enormous enlargement of internet usage was due to smartphones and tablets that rivulet music and video. It is expected to increase up to 95 percent a year somewhere in 2012 to 2016.

Also, M2M or machine-to-machine is involved in the study as part of the technological growth.

M2M produces air-conditioning units, smart fridges, telephones and security systems technologies. As the demand of technology increases, technology provider also increases to satisfy one’s need.

In 2011 to 2016, Cisco predicted that M2M will gain a data traffic increase of 22 fold that gives 86 percent of annual increase five years from now.

Interesting Things in Mobile World Congress 2012

Saturday, March 10th, 2012

Mobile news presents… Before and after the “Mobile World Congress 2012” a lot of news came out. There were many rumours on what companies would have the most compelling mobile news. Here are some companies that did interesting things at the congress.

This year is the crucial year for efforts of Microsoft in mobile industry. Most interesting mobile news on Microsoft did happen in MWC 2012. Windows 8 and the Nokia Windows Phone deal is expected to mature more in the coming months. Windows Phone has been left behind by iOS and Android and has struggled to gain momentum in both smartphone and tablet markets. But things are expected to change for Microsoft.
Reception to the Windows 8 Consumer Preview has been getting positive feedbacks. Measured and praised for its bold and appealing look, the Windows 8 Consumer Preview suggests that Microsoft is catching up in computing industry. The company is surely has a long way to go but the Windows 8 is a good indication for better future.

The most interesting mobile news on HTC is that it shows sign to focus on quality rather than quantity. Their business strategy is working well so far. Its new “One” flagship line is doing well. The appealing device One X features 4.7- inch HD display with Beats Audio.

Android was all over the place at MWC. It is everywhere both on tablets and smartphones on different company. But the most interesting mobile news on Google was its own mobile version of its Chrome browser. While Google is known for its Android OS, it has also a lot to say outside Android realm.

The biggest winner at the event was Nokia. It won the “Best New Mobile Handset, Device or tablet at Mobile World Congress 2012” award from the GSMA. Nokia boasted its 808 PureView and embedded 41 megapixel Carl Zeiss camera.
The device’s features surprised many people. Nokia just offered something that no other device was able to match. Many question on the company’s decision to put the camera to a Symbian device but the company intends to bring the same functionality to Windows Phone devices in the future.

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Android Took the Number One Spot on Mobile Market Share in the U.S.

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Android operating system of Google took the number one spot in the U.S. smartphone market share, taking almost half of the mobile OS market share in the Q4 2011.

Comscore data revealed that as of the end of last year, the number of smartphone users in the country reached to 97.9 million. Google’s Android has 47.3 per cent market share, an increase by 2.5 percentage points from September.

Meanwhile, Apple stayed at number 2 spot with 29.6 per cent of the smartphone market share, an increase by 2.2 percentage points. RIM took the 3rd spot with 16 per cent market share. Microsoft was ranked number 4 with 4.7 per cent and followed by Symbian with 1.4 per cent.

Samsung was ranked number one handset manufacturer which got 25.3 per cent market share. LG was ranked at number two with 20 per cent share and the number 3 spot belonged to Motorola with 13.3 per cent share. They were followed by Apple with 12.4 per cent market share and RIM with 6.7 per cent share.

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Facebook Mobile Ads Developing : Sponsored Coming “within weeks”

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Digital advertising connote search results and display ads. But within just a few week s, I think we are getting a slice of the picture of what will Facebook fore mostly do in the field of mobile marketing.

Facebook is now getting ready and commencing preparations for the start of the inserting of “featured stories” to the user’s mobile feeds – efficiently, marketing led posts – which will possibly bunch its emerging by the first week of March. This intiguing news came from the FT. FT mentioned that they gained their source of information from numerous people who are cognizant of the future plans of Facebook. Facebook’s money-making on a longer phase since the filing of S-1 for ots primary public offering last week.

Compared to desktop engagement, the usage is quickly growing fast, but unfurtunately there is still no budget for the development et, this was that Facebook confessed. The company was very cool in giving the description of its mobile business.

It was like a burn note in a document that in a different way amazed the people with how Facebook achieved its success up until the present.

If the news from FT were to be true, possibly it would be the initial step of the company’s strategy to transform that the start making dollars with its 425-million active users, and get a fraction of a mobile ad that will go top to $ 2 billion of earnings not including other countries but U.S.

The company still has lots of thing that it must do prior to its mobile presence. Using mobile web and apps, it should be on the same level, or even more better than what it exhibits on the desktops.Neverless, it seems like there may be some improvements as well in the design of app buttons that can be found at Facebook’s mobile website.

On the ithers hand, it seems like the report about the “featured stories” are having its ipmrovement from the story last week. Chief of mobile for agency Razorfish, Paul Gelb, is having a trial rich-media mobile advertising with Facebook.

Facebook may be discerning display ads for its mobile interfaces, but Gelb later made clear that he was pertaining to “rich media featured stories” and not ads. A spokesperson from Facebook also clarified that they are not with business with any agency to design paid ads in their mobile platform.

Bloomberg striked last December that Facebook would open its new service in March 2012. Thus, the past few days weren’t the first time that matter about Facebook mobile sponsored stories have been rumored.

The U.S and U.K markets are already been taken over by Facebook in the phase of having the record of holding the greatest share of revenues online display ads. Withstanding , there are gating agents taking up Facebook’s Mobile Marketing possibilities aggresively . These gating factors are questions over privacy and primary lack of real estate on mobile screens.

Carolyn Everson, the global VP of Facebook’s Marketing – solutions once made emphasis in a conference about paidcontent’s Advertising in September 2011: “We are adhering ourselves to the highest standards obtainable in the field of mobile. I don’t rule mobile out, but we are doing the best we can to find out what thw suitable model is and up to now, we still haven’t pictured it out yet”.

So far, check – in deals are the only exception. Deals are pressedto users when users are in an area where Facebook can transfer appropriate offers. But it was not ample to regard a mention in the S-1 form if that has inspired revenues to Facebook.

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