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Mobile News: Apple Is the Top 3 Mobile Phone Manufacturer

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Mobile news – More mobile consumers are now using smartphones and sales on feature phones, which usually available as messaging only phones, is declining. The declined sales of feature phones is one of the major reasons why Apple is now ahead of LG in market share.

Nokia still has the largest market share with 26.6 percent market share but its sales is down by 8.2 percent from the previous year which is also affected by the sales of its feature phones.

Samsung managed to have 22.8 percent market share which put the company to the second place. The major reason why the company managed to stay at the second place ahead of Apple is its increased smartphone sales including the Galaxy SII, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Y, Galaxy Ace and Galaxy Nexus. Samsung is also making aggressive push to Windows phone market with its Focus Flash and the Focus S. Samsung year over year experienced 20.9 percent growth.

Apple, which is in the third place, experienced 128.4 percent growth from previous year while LG, which has a lot of feature phones in the market, was down 42.2 percent from previous year. ZTE is in the fifth place with 4.0 percent market share.

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Mobile News: Fewer phone model this year according to executives

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

Mobile news – As smartphone models began to raise promptly, executive worried of what would be the effect of too much models, and to answer the problem, fewer phone models this year.

At CES 2012 in Las Vegas, Motorola’s CEO Sanjay Jha announced that the company will produce fewer models for this year to avoid confusions among customers.

HTC also looks the same principle as Vice President Drew Bamford stated during a board discussion on a show last Wednesday that, “It’s a goal to have less phones,”

Also Samsung’s Product Marketing Director Ryan Bidan agreed on the said resolution. He was not sure if the company would unleash fewer smartphones this year. “Sheer SKU proliferation is a problem,” Bidan said.

He also concluded that the companies produce more models was due to prompt technology evolution. He said that, “It comes back to the rate of change in the market. If there’s new-slash-better technology available and I don’t supply it for you, I’m going to hear from you that it’s not available,”

He also justify that the reason why Samsung will have to create more devices is to satisfy different customers as we have observe that smartphone created by Samsung don’t have the same features. “Not every solution will fit everyone,” he said.

Microsoft is looking forward to occupy smartphones with Windows Phone as they do not create hardware. It may take time as most of the handsets do not support Windows Phone yet. According to a Director from Microsoft Aaron Woodman that, “We have a stated objective to have a broader selection of handsets running Windows Phone on the market.”

He also said that Microsoft is looking forward to have different design from their competitor like Apple and Google. “In some cases now, we just do less. Functionality without accessibility is just not worth it… Trying to differentiate on the experience level is our focus” he said.

Aaron Woodman also clarifies that they do not idolize Apple as we all know that Microsoft and Apple had been competing in the past. “I have no desire to be Apple. It’s not in our company DNA, it’s not in our brand DNA and it’s not our approach to the problem. We feel really proud in the differences we see,” he said.

Bamford of HTC stated about the impact of Apple’s entry as this company never participated CES 2012.

“I think there’s always space for something. If not, the industry is dead,” Bamford said.

Woodman replied in disagreement to Bamford statement, “It’s too expensive to get into this market so there are a limited number of companies that could enter now. Even Hewlett-Packard, with its deep pockets, couldn’t make a go with WebOS. Small companies may innovate “around the edges” and then be acquired by larger companies to make a difference, “ (c) 2012

CES 2012 Big Surprises |Mobile News

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Mobile news presents… Giant technology makers will congregate this week on Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas. The event will be all about unveiling their newest technology from TVs to Smartphones. We had witness the previous CES in promoting 3D and internet supported TV, latest laptops and new tablets that compete against iPad.

Microsoft will introduce their Windows 8 as other giant makers like Sony and Samsung will unleash their smartphones equipped with voice recognition. The voice recognition will allow you to talk to your smartphone and get interacted like Apple’s iPhone 4s – this will be a threat to Apple. The upcoming event will differ from the previous CES as manufacturers who will partake the event will unleash their own much improved technologies.

We had witnessed the first Google Android that runs in tablet which was Motorola Xoom in 2011 and thrived until now. So we will expect that the upcoming CES will focus more on tablets. Apple will be the center of attraction as attendants will compare the devices to what Apple makes – from designs to interface according to a Tech blogger MG Siegler, who promoted Apple for website TechCrunch.The upcoming CES will not just on smartphones and tablets, LG will unleash its newest and innovative television as they had already posted numerous announcements before. The featured TV will have 4mm-think and 55” TV that will use “Organic LED” technology which was used in some smartphones. What makes it amazing is that LG makes expensive affordable as the previous price of an 11” TV was $2, 000.00.

Sony, Samsung and LG will also feature the Google’s TV that has a newly improved interface and growing numbers of shows and films available. Google is set to take advantage on CES 2012 to achieve more on mobile phone system Android and Youtube.

After laptop and desktop were outcast by smartphones and tablets last year’s market share, CES will also be involved on new, super-slim and light laptops. The Ultrabook with Intel chipset will be introduced by Lenovo, Asus, HP, Dell and many more in CES 2012 as it was aimed to succeed this year on the market share compared to the previous year.

The Ultra book was inspired from the fist Apple’s MacBook Air laptop with super thin dimension. The ultrabooks will a have sexy and attractive designs and easy to carry with faster boot process, well-brought-up power and long last battery.

Microsoft will introduce its all new Windows 8 software that will support tablets as well as computers. Microsoft learned from their previous Windows Phone 7 and they expect to succeed on Windows 8.

Also announcements on smartphones will be conducted in CES 2012. Sony will introduce their pre-owned Sony Ericson’s Arc series on the event. Google will also witness the launching of Sony Ericson to bid on smartphone market.

Panasonic is also set to get into the smarphone industry in CES or may be later whereas Samsung and LG will equipped with Intel’s chipset Medfield, this would be the beginning of Intel to compete with ARM.

However, the declining Nokia is set to launch its newest handset that runs Windows Phone 7 in North America market. But what would be the effect of the Corning Gorilla Glass II release in the market soon? (c) 2012

Mobile news – One-third of American Adults Owned Smartphones

Monday, January 16th, 2012

One-third of American adult population owned smartphones according to a digital analytics firm study.

Over 250 million population of adults are in the United States while Comscore announced that 91. 4 million US adults owned smartphones from September, October and November – about one-third of its population and an increase of 8 percent from the previous three-month period.

The survey shows that 36 percent of the US adult population owned smartphones and most of the users tend to search and download application for individual convenience.

Last April, 2011, RichRelevance announced a big increase on mobile traffic with below 9 percent of shoppers who used their mobile phones in browsing e-commerce sites. And in December, over 18 percent of shoppers who used their mobile phones in browsing e-commerce sites – which was a double increase from 9 percent.

Google’s Android OS ranked no. 1 with 46.9 percent of market share gaining 3.1 percent points and followed by Apple’s iOS on the second place with 28.7 percent of market share and earned 1.4 percent points as surveyed by Comscore within the three-month period that was ended last November.

Within the three-month period, Comscore found that 234 million Americans owned mobile phones with an age of 13 and older.

For smartphone manufacturers, Comscore announced that Samsung leads the chart with a market share of 25.6 and earned 0.3 percent points and followed by LG with a 20.5 percent of market share. Motorola earned 13.7 percent of market share which ranked them on no. 3.

Apple ranked no. 4 with 11.2 percent of market share earning 1.4 percent points and Blackberry maker RIM ranked no. 5 with 6.5 percent of market share. (c) 2012

Top 5 Progresses on Mobile this 2012 | Mobile News

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Mobile news presents… The previous year has been a dramatic event for smartphone manufacturers who have been rapidly enhancing their handset for competition, terminating competitors on the market place and even beating them on court.

Here are some and best predictions on mobile industry this 2012.

1. The growth of Quad-core smartphones
On the previous year, we had witnessed Dual-core begun to merge with smartphones for faster cell phone experiences. It was started with HTC Edge followed by LG, Motorola and Smasung.

But what we should expect in 2012? Well, Quad-core processors on smartphones will wipe out the Dual-core era especially iPhone 5 and 6 are expected to have Quad-core processor. 2012 will be a new year for smartphone competition with Quad-core processors.

2. iPhone will go bigger
As Phone 4s was released and little bit bigger than iPhone 4, expect on 2012 that Apple will release its iPhone 5 with wider screen supported by Retina Display that will compete other giant smartphone manufacturers.

3. Windows Phone goes cheaper
Microsoft decided to lower down their budget for Nokia to be able to produce affordable smartphones with Windows Phone OS.

This will give a chance on Nokia to be part of the intensive competition on smartphones Industry.

4. Android keeps its top spot, but fragmentation still rules
Google’s Android ranked no. 1 as announced by a survey conducted on a three-month period which was ended last November, earning more than 50 percent of Global market share and still incontrovertible in the top smartphone chart.

But in some case, it is obvious that there is no fragmentation on new Ice Cream Sandwich Firmware. No updates for Galaxy SII and some of HTC handset until spring.

5. Apple and Samsung will still have their resemblances
As last year shows us about the patent war of Apple against Samsung, 2012 is still the year of patent war from these two giant manufacturers.

Expect in 2012 that more handset from Samsung will be banned on some territories while Apple will still find ways of accusing Samsung on their handsets.

More progress on these two giant manufacturers on their handset, but it was said that their broken relationship is not one of the nuisances to be fixed. (c) 2012

Learn to Counter Recent Security Flaws on Mobile Device

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Recent reports about security flaws on mobile devices worried users on the protection of their personal activities every time they use their phones. The following are the quick look of recent security concerns on mobile devices and tips to prevent hackers and thieves invade your privacy.

Security researcher Trevor Eckhart claimed that Carrier IQ’s diagnostic software, which allegedly installed on 140 million handsets worldwide, has been recording in secret the user data such as Web browsing history and keystrokes. Consumers, privacy advocates and Congress took part on the issue since then. Verizon Wireless claimed that their phones do not have any Carrier IQ’s software. However, Apple, Samsung, AT&T, HTC, Sprint and T-Mobile admit that some of their phones have software from Carrier IQ. Meanwhile, Research In Motion and Nokia said that they do not use the controversial software on their phones. However, some skeptics think that the issue may not progress further since no one has attempted to address the concern such as a peer review or anything like that.

TIP: Interested mobile device users may want to check out a free app that is capable to detect Carrie IQ app on this site

North Carolina State University researchers found out that some pre-loaded apps on Android handsets have major security flaws that could be utilized for stealing data, wiping the handset and listening to calls. The threats were discovered on eight different smartphones from Samsung, Motorola, Google and HTC. According to ZDNet, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has said that over 150 private sector organizations in 25 countries are capable of tracing mobile devices, intercepting messages and listening to calls as well as accessing e-mail accounts and Internet browsing histories. The stolen information can be sold to private industry partners or even to governments.

TIP: To stay protected, it is necessary to always delete browsing history from mobile phones. If possible, never use mobile phones to make bank transactions or any other major transactions. Making use of laptop or desktop with anti-virus installed is much safer.

Polytechnic Institute of New York University researchers made an experiment by making calls to 10,000 random Skype users and learned that even when recipients did not take the incoming call, their IP addresses were vulnerable and could be used by hackers to locate them, to know what they download and who they chat with.
TIP: Do not turn on Skype if not expecting a call and do not use real name in the username. (c) 2011