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The Growing Popularity of Mobile Phones

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

People attending the 2012 Mobile World Congress saw the appearance of new and amazing devices. The mobile news has taken what it seems to be the exhibition of innovative ideas as the yearly event took the road.

Phone makers are displaying what they think beyond their capabilities. They have much focus on phone screens in order to attract more customers. Not only phone screens but as well as how fast the phone devices can be. These changes are designed for only one reason, which is to increase the satisfaction of valued customers. Making customers happy with what phone device they buy is what just matters.

Sony is just one of the mobile phone manufacturers making a dramatic step toward improving the design and features of the phones it is offering. It made the screens of its mobile phones to be very amazing and stunning. There is also the new flagship phone of HTC which features the Nvidia 4-Plus-1 quad-core Tegra 3 processor. Meanwhile, Asus has been in a move to make a phone device that is capable of transferring into a tablet before shifting into a laptop. The new Padfone from the company has the powerful processing power that makes it very fast and satisfying.

The growing number of phone games in different applications store is the biggest factor contributing to the popularity of mobile phones. As the mobile news continues to let people know the emergence of these fantastic devices, mobile games are just the partner of their dominance in the mind of customers.

The Google company has just launched in October 2011 its Ice Cream Sandwich. Its Android operating system seems to be the biggest player in the market. With unlimited games from the market, Android has just cemented its place as the number one contender when it comes to mobile phone operating systems. Aside from Google’s Android, the Blackberry OS 7 and the Windows Phone 7 were also present at the 2012 Mobile Word Congress to show what they can offer. Their performance is updated to a level that many should avail them.

The 2012 event was very entertaining as it continues to amaze the eyes of the attendees with the new devices that have come to play. The mobile news could be pretty sure that the next year would be as exciting as this year, or more perhaps.

Large Screen Smartphones: Are They Really Better?

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Mobile news present… Majority of smartphones nowadays are getting bigger but are they better?

As of today, Samsung Galaxy Note is the largest which is also called as the Phablet, name taken by combining tablet and smartphone. The Phablet boasts 5.3 inches screen size. The Consumer Electronics Show in January presented large-size smartphones promising to be faster than previous models.

Nokia Lumia 900 and Motorola’s Droid Razr both have 4.3 inches screens while the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has 4.65 inches. This trend only shows that new smartphones are increasing their sizes from comfortable (to hold and carry) toward 4.5 inches and even beyond.

HTC announced during Mobile World Congress that its new HTC One X will be available on AT&T sometime in spring which will boast 4.7 inches screen size. Meanwhile, Chinese manufacturer Huawei announced its 4.5 inch screen in Ascend D Quad.

These are considered the flagship phones of each company in which most of the latest devices will run Google Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in quad core processors. Majority of the top of the line phones are now operating 4G LTE with advanced cameras.

These devices are big mainly because of the technology they support. Some experts suggest that LTE technology and quad core processors demand bigger footprint thus, also need bigger batteries to handle the latest technology.

Another reason why these new smartphones are getting bigger is because of more media consumption. Most of these smartphones are targeted to people who like to watch videos, reading magazine articles and playing games on their smartphones.

An executive from Nokia Jo Harlow said that LTE technology in smartphones contributed to their size, the main reason why Nokia Lumia 900 is bigger. However, Harlow noted that they are getting many good feedbacks from people who prefer the size of Lumia 800. The Lumia 800 has 3.7 inches display, slightly larger than iPhone with 3.5 inches screen size.

Senior vice president of product innovation for Samsung Kevin Packingham said that it is also important to consider mid-range devices such as Samsung Galaxy S Blaze. He said that a lot of these mid-range smartphones are better than the top of the line units a year ago.

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Mobile News: Remote Shutdown for Robbery Prevention

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

Mobile news presents… D.C Chief Police Cathy L. Lanier proposed a remote shutdown whenever a smartphone is stolen on Friday. Lanier who stayed on a lobby in Federal Communications Commission, with other police chiefs argues to eliminate the secondary market for stolen smartphones as a solution.

“I hear 15 stories or so every morning in my crime briefings,” Lanier said. “We are being clobbered with these robberies and they’re looking for the same thing. They say, ‘Give me your purse. Now where is your phone?’” Lanier said.

This 2012, over 400 robberies were reported and majority of them were involved in smartphone stealing according to Lanier.

Lanier supported D.C. Police on their movements together with Major City Chief to submit a motion concerning smartphone robberies to the FCC.

According to Lanier that Houston officials claimed to witness the prompt increase of stolen smartphones done by robberies recently. New York Police Department also announced that half of the 16, 000 robberies steal smartphones within the first 10 months of 2011 according to US senator Charles Schumer report.

“This is a national issue, we have done all we can at the local level.” said Lanier.

The motion that was supported by Lanier and other chiefs may involve iMEi number usage that gives a unique registration that similar to a fingerprint and shuts down a stolen smartphone within days.

Police favour the use of iMEi card method than to track a stolen smartphone using their sim cards. With the iMEi method, complainant is required to contact the manufacturer for remote shut down when the phone is stolen. When the phone is shut down, it is no longer usable and cannot be bought by buyers.

“What’s going to stop this is stopping the profit,” Lanier said last Friday.

On a recent interview Chief Cathy L. Lanier says, “Ultimately, the industry can put simple technology in place, that already exists, that protects the customer and their property,”

On a recent report, almost 70 percent of the previous year where involved in samrtphone stealing within the first 3 weeks of 2012. A statistic shows that robberies have grown faster and armed robberies were said to be double.

Lanier had already attended numerous meeting with neighbour groups including the meeting with the residents of Shepherd Park last January. At Another Appearance announced that police arrested more over 100 suspects for robbery within the first 3 weeks of this year.

Gray and Lanier persuade residents to participate in giving information to assist local authorities in chasing robberies according to authorities.

Chief Cathy Lanier also announced the $10, 000 reward for resident who will give information to prompt the investigation against robberies.

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Mobile news – One-third of American Adults Owned Smartphones

Monday, January 16th, 2012

One-third of American adult population owned smartphones according to a digital analytics firm study.

Over 250 million population of adults are in the United States while Comscore announced that 91. 4 million US adults owned smartphones from September, October and November – about one-third of its population and an increase of 8 percent from the previous three-month period.

The survey shows that 36 percent of the US adult population owned smartphones and most of the users tend to search and download application for individual convenience.

Last April, 2011, RichRelevance announced a big increase on mobile traffic with below 9 percent of shoppers who used their mobile phones in browsing e-commerce sites. And in December, over 18 percent of shoppers who used their mobile phones in browsing e-commerce sites – which was a double increase from 9 percent.

Google’s Android OS ranked no. 1 with 46.9 percent of market share gaining 3.1 percent points and followed by Apple’s iOS on the second place with 28.7 percent of market share and earned 1.4 percent points as surveyed by Comscore within the three-month period that was ended last November.

Within the three-month period, Comscore found that 234 million Americans owned mobile phones with an age of 13 and older.

For smartphone manufacturers, Comscore announced that Samsung leads the chart with a market share of 25.6 and earned 0.3 percent points and followed by LG with a 20.5 percent of market share. Motorola earned 13.7 percent of market share which ranked them on no. 3.

Apple ranked no. 4 with 11.2 percent of market share earning 1.4 percent points and Blackberry maker RIM ranked no. 5 with 6.5 percent of market share. (c) 2012

2012 Mobile Surprises |Mobile News

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Rumours about the iPad 3 have been striking the minds of people, yes; Apple will release its iPad 3 by March or April. Nobody knows about its specs and features unless of those in Apple, but for sure it will be equipped with LTE-4G, high resolution screen and it might be supported with NFC, Near-Field Communications. The all new iPhone may be introduced in summer or fall. It may be just the same with iPad, it may be supported with LTE-4G, faster processor, it might be supported with NFC and it may support the all new 802.11ac faster Wi-Fi standard.

2011 has been a dramatic year for mobile industry, where intensive competition happened, patent wars and etc. But what’s more with 2012? It is not just Apple has its surprises, but there are lot more. Here are some predictions for 2012.

Google will finally acquire its Android act together
There is no doubt for Google to conquer individuals using smarphones in everyday life. But it will soon create disorders as its marketplace produces multiple Android OS versions, different skins from manufacturers, security inconsistency and capability management.

Google believes that Android 4 or Ice Cream Sandwich firmware will be a solution from its incompatibility. It is smoother and much better than previous firmware. But the Ice Cream Sandwich is only compatible with some devices and it is not also because Google favours some manufacturers like Samsung and Motorola. It is just that some manufacturers do not suggest, instead, make their own skins and improvements for their devices.

In 2013, the situation will revolutionize since Samsung now is trying to bet with Windows Phone 7 and its own BadaOS. Google will still have Motorola, LG, Acer, and the rest which are Android dependent to stabilize and rationalize with the OS and centre apps. For sure that the 3LM Security that Google assigned will affect all android supported phones as well as its Motorola Mobility depending on the device and its capacity.

Samsung and Motorola will soon dominate the market share as it continues to produce devices that are manageable by Android. Some manufacturers will produce also Android supported devices that are lack of unity among other devices with nothing in common – like the 1 billion supported by Java devices but none of them has its similarities. It is all up to the manufacturers to give extra features that will support their devices.

Tablets remain an iPad vice-like grip
iPad will still be the king of tablets even Samsung has its Galaxy Tab 10.1 and LG has its Transformer Prime, even they are well-designed, we have witnessed that Android apps are inferior than the iOS. Even Google will release its Ice Cream Sandwich; it could not even defeat the iTunes and iCloud of iOS.

This issue only concerns with tablets (that are resembled to computers.) and not on smartphones user. As Apple continues to give best apps in its market place for iPad, Android supported tablets will struggle the competition as its apps are still inferior compared to iOS. Android developers still making apps that are originated from Apple apps store, in a low price or even free, least of them are Android designed.

NFC gets real grip but not for payments
In 2011 NFC (Near-Field Communication) has been a foundation of Google wallet mobile payments system. NFC is now more on talking than actions and only some devices are supported by NFC for Google transactions which use short-range two-way wireless technology.

2012 will be an important implementation for NFC for devices or at least of them. And as NFC goes quicker and faster exchange technology, NFC might support debit and credit cards as it is easier than compared to smartphones were you need to run an application to perform transactions. Maybe sooner or later, NFC will use the concept of Bluetooth that perform transactions such as trading contacts, URL’s and other important information. This process had shown by HP TouchPad’s WebOS 3 using its touch-to-share capability.

Sooner or later, Bluetooth will be used in performing transactions and maybe Apple will be the first to adopt since its iPhone 4s adopted already the new low-power Bluetooth spec.

A mobile shakeout is coming
For the coming years or even in 2012, mobile completion will rise and will increase the tension within Apple, Google, Microsoft, HP, Dell an more, and for sure Google and Apple will survive the phenomenon. It is like Apple is the Microsoft in the mobile market and Google is the one who will occupy their position.

RIM, Microsoft and Nokia have failed for several years and maybe 2012 isn’t still their lucky year and they are all at stake of make-or-break point.

RIM announced its delay of their new smartphones, as they have also completely rebooted the platform of its OS. They have promised to release the handsets by this year but on the later part. Maybe they are trying to wait for Apple and Android devices to introduce new devices in summer or fall to have ideas from the updates so they could make better than the leading smartphones.

Microsoft introduces the newest update Window Phone 7.5 Mango, just a minor update of Windows Phone 7 that has been falling since 2009. It could not vie against Apple and Google, even its market place haven’t dominated on the market share even after the release of Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. Its designs may be attractive to those people who are not really looking for a smartphone. If Microsoft will unveil Windows 8 by this year which supports tablets, then there is a possibility for Microsoft to hit the market.

There is a high percentage for Windows 8 will compete against iPad from Apple. There is a possibility that Windows 8 will rank as no. 2 tablet and will be followed by Android in the third rank. As Microsoft has shown us from their desktop ever since, Windows 8 would be a key for extending the desktop to tablets if the concept of Windows 8 is just the same with the desktop.

Nokia as the new partner of Microsoft which was hoping to hit Europe, North America and East Asia using Windows Phone OS where it will compete against Samsung and other Android supported manufacturers. Nokia lost lot of shares from having Symbian OS from the past years and Windows Phone will try to regain it. According to an IPSOS survey that only least of the European population are interested with Nokia’s Windows Phone devices, most of them prefer to use Apple’s devices and smartphones that are supported with Google’s Android. Maybe this year would be a dramatic event for Nokia and maybe they will retreat from the competition and associates with Google’s Android to regain back their lost shares.

The rise of Advanced Technology
As we have witness 2011, prompt mobile enhancement took place for competition. We will surely witness that this year are more on enhancement on the device, high-resolution display, lighter and cheaper. Even stealing a handset design will happen just to win the market share. All I can say is that this is a survival of the fittest. (c) 2012

Possible Mobile Issue in 2012

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

Mobile news… Smartphones today have been rapidly growing from 2010 to 2011. It was predicted by IDC that smartphone market will grow 50 percent this year from over 300 million shipments of smartphones in 2010 and 450 million shipments by 2011.

The start of smartphone era has been theatrical in terms of manufacturer’s patent war and even the death of Steve Jobs. This year has become the year of mobile.

From the issues happening from this year, we may look forward on the possibility of what might happen on the mobile industry by 2012

Microsoft will compete iTunes after buying Spotify
After Microsoft bought Spotify, it will separate from iTunes and compete with iTunes by 2012 under Microsoft. There are already rumours and assumption about this issue and the coming of 2012 will give us an answer.

Microsoft had longed for having a pure music play and Spotify is suitable for it. Spotify delivers active and occupied by 2.5 million paying subscribers among 10 million users. In this case, Windows 8 and Windows Mobile 7 will contain Spotify by 2012.

For additional, The Swedish music stream had associated with the co-partner of Microsoft and a giant social networking website, Facebook. Microsoft participated in one of Facebook fund raising in 2007 gaining $240 million at an assessment of $15 billion.

At this case, the emergence of Spotify and Microsoft will give a big blow to the users and expect a surprise from the giant company, Microsoft to contain Facebook and other alliance with Spotify.

Mobile VoIP will give theatrical impact to operators
After 4G took place within US and technology improvement on Rebtel and Viber companies, drop calls will be an essential thing among users. Mobile Voice over IP or mVoIP will take place in mainstreams from being a fashion before.

“Mobile VoIP clients downloaded to the smartphone will account for four fifths of 640 million mVoIP users by the end of 2016.” reported by Juniper.

This will alarm the operators and sooner or later, mVoIP will not be free at all but buy them instead.

Google will improve Motorola
After Google bought Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion last August, Google will improve the company to save them like HTC and Samsung in using Android software and also a solution in leaving the Android society in favour for Windows phone 7. Google will share patents with their OEM partners to let them endure in competing with Apple.

Carriers forced to changeover to tiered data plans
The role of voice in communications will be considerably changed over the next few years according to a firm research as it headed to integrated with other applications

Carriers will begin to offer tiered data plans to manage with the growing network strain and lessen their reliance on voice revenue to save costumer mix. While in a changeover process of tiered data, some costumer will initially be unenthusiastic with the shift.

However, it will be a big win for carriers from the consumer if they will offer alternative pricing models and packages in staying competitive. (c) 2012