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A New Plan To Make Stolen Phones Useless?

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

A new collaboration has been decided between the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and wireless carriers in the country to prevent cellphone theft, according to mobile news. This works by rendering stolen mobile mobiles useless once owners report them to the commission or to the carriers. Both the FCC and the wireless carriers hope that law enforcement bodies across the United States will coordinate in creating a national database of mobile phones that are reported stolen. This would allow voice and date services to be disabled by the wireless carriers on stolen mobile phones altogether.

As of now, mobile news reveals that there is no such method that could make stolen cellphones useless. The owners can make a call to their carrier for cancelling all the service on the phone being stolen. Unfortunately, a new service can always be activated by the thief. Let us say for example: A user reports to its carrier Verizon to block his cellphone that was stolen. But once the cellphone is blocked, the thief can still choose T-Mobile and AT&T to get another service. Thus, reporting stolen phones as of now is useless.

A Unique Device Identifier (UDID) is being planned by the carriers to be used for every mobile phone and for building the hoped database. The mobile news noted that the plan would reject a new SIM card in the stolen handset once a specific UDID is blocked by the carrier. However, this plan still does not work perfectly since it is only applicable in the U.S. Once the stolen phones are shipped to other countries, they would still work even if the carrier in the U.S. blocks them.

Mobile News: Remote Shutdown for Robbery Prevention

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

Mobile news presents… D.C Chief Police Cathy L. Lanier proposed a remote shutdown whenever a smartphone is stolen on Friday. Lanier who stayed on a lobby in Federal Communications Commission, with other police chiefs argues to eliminate the secondary market for stolen smartphones as a solution.

“I hear 15 stories or so every morning in my crime briefings,” Lanier said. “We are being clobbered with these robberies and they’re looking for the same thing. They say, ‘Give me your purse. Now where is your phone?’” Lanier said.

This 2012, over 400 robberies were reported and majority of them were involved in smartphone stealing according to Lanier.

Lanier supported D.C. Police on their movements together with Major City Chief to submit a motion concerning smartphone robberies to the FCC.

According to Lanier that Houston officials claimed to witness the prompt increase of stolen smartphones done by robberies recently. New York Police Department also announced that half of the 16, 000 robberies steal smartphones within the first 10 months of 2011 according to US senator Charles Schumer report.

“This is a national issue, we have done all we can at the local level.” said Lanier.

The motion that was supported by Lanier and other chiefs may involve iMEi number usage that gives a unique registration that similar to a fingerprint and shuts down a stolen smartphone within days.

Police favour the use of iMEi card method than to track a stolen smartphone using their sim cards. With the iMEi method, complainant is required to contact the manufacturer for remote shut down when the phone is stolen. When the phone is shut down, it is no longer usable and cannot be bought by buyers.

“What’s going to stop this is stopping the profit,” Lanier said last Friday.

On a recent interview Chief Cathy L. Lanier says, “Ultimately, the industry can put simple technology in place, that already exists, that protects the customer and their property,”

On a recent report, almost 70 percent of the previous year where involved in samrtphone stealing within the first 3 weeks of 2012. A statistic shows that robberies have grown faster and armed robberies were said to be double.

Lanier had already attended numerous meeting with neighbour groups including the meeting with the residents of Shepherd Park last January. At Another Appearance announced that police arrested more over 100 suspects for robbery within the first 3 weeks of this year.

Gray and Lanier persuade residents to participate in giving information to assist local authorities in chasing robberies according to authorities.

Chief Cathy Lanier also announced the $10, 000 reward for resident who will give information to prompt the investigation against robberies.

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