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Mobile News Update: Windows 8 Kernel for Windows Phone 8 Will Never Happen?

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Mobile news presents… After a leak revealing that the next version of Windows Phone will run on the NT Windows 8 Kernel, mobile industry experts seems so certain that it will happen soon.

However, insiders from Microsoft revealed that the leak idea may not happen at all. According to sources from Microsoft, the leak is true but there is no certain decision yet whether to base the mobile platform on the Windows 8 Kernel or not. Insiders note that the leaked information was real but it was only a sort of a blueprint than a detailed plan.

On the other hand, Windows Phone 7 group is working brilliantly with Mango, according to various mobile industry experts. Despite of numerous mobile industry experts who expected that the OS will be delayed in 2012, Microsoft able to materialize its plan without any delay. Many industry experts hope that Windows Phone can maintain the same momentum this 2012.

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Mobile News Update: Windows Phone 8 Apollo and the Competition

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

Mobile news – Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS is apparently lagging behind in terms of innovation and development to its competitors, the iOS and Android. But observers think that Windows Phone 8 is different from its predecessors based on the leaked description of the OS.

The leaked was validated by Windows insider Paul Thurrott. It shows that Windows 8 phone also known as Apollo will be far better than Mango, codename of current version Windows Phone 7.5.

CTO of mobile VoIP app Tango Eric Setton said that there is an ongoing work to address the negative components of Mango and to remove some limitations of Windows Phone 7.5 in the soon to release version Apollo.

Mango, which was launched last October, is the current version of Windows Phone with some advanced features including built-in social media and chatting tools, multitasking, groups for organizing contacts and better Live Tiles. In the upcoming version of Windows Phone, Tango will be featured. Apollo is more likely to be released in the middle of this year.

Microsoft, remain silent about the supposedly leaked information about the upcoming Windows Phone but it offered information about its OS plans in general.

Microsoft spokesperson said that the company is thinking for a smarter smartphone such as in taking a picture, a phone should anticipate what the user will most likely to do next such as sharing the picture to a friend or on Facebook then help the user to do that easily. The spokesperson added that these kinds of features are just build in to Windows Phone.

Co-founder of iOS and Windows 8 app BarMax, Sina Mobasser, is excited about the news that Microsoft is making a strong push to match or even overcome the iOS and Android platforms. She thinks that Microsoft has more significant innovations in store and soon to be out in the market. She says that the leak is still a great look of what the new Windows has in store for mobile industry.

However, some have doubt if Apollo could really compete to iOS and Android by the time it will be available to the market in which most likely the iOS and Android will also release the new versions of their respective operating systems.

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