A Study on the Effect of Cellphone Radiation Has a Lot of Controversies

Studies on the possible effects of radiation from cell phone have been very few for the last 2-3 years. While governments are assuring that the recent safety limits of cellphone radiation are safe for all users, their assurances are not supported by the latest available scientific evidence.

Effects on children have just been recently started to be examined.

Scientific answer to the question whether cellphone radiation exposure affects physical and mental health of a child is yet to be determined.

Researchers from California used data from Danish Cohort to know whether exposure of fetus by a mother using a cell phone will have impact to a child on the first 18 months of life.

However, there is a controversy on how the study was conducted. The study was conducted through telephone interviews of mothers at age 6 and 18 months postpartum. Scientists asked mothers to rate the development of their own children. Now, many people question the study on the way it was performed.

Some think that the survey results were biased because it is obvious that a mother may likely give biased information in judging their children development. They suggest making a separate evaluation done by someone who is not involved emotionally to get reliable results.

The study mainly relied on emotionally scientific data to get results.

Moreover, Mobile News found out that the study did not analyze whether a cell-phone-related lifestyle of mothers had any possible effect on the development of children. It is proven true that a mother exposed the fetus to cell phone radiation every time she used mobile phone. However, this is not the only factor that could affect the children’s development. Another potential factor that was not examined is a mother’s lifestyle including a possible maternal stress.

Many believe that the study was very poor in quality but it is already used by the committees that set safety limits. According to the data gathered by Mobile News, many were not happy when the study was published because it is almost impossible to remove it. It can’t be retracted easily and the only way to retract such study is scientific misconduct. Without scientific foul play, it remains as valid-peer-reviewed evidence forever.

According to Mobile News sources, similar poor quality scientific studies are not rare and many of them propagate and perpetuate misinformation.

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