Mobile Related News: More Americans Now Get Their News Using Mobile Devices

The next time you would see people around sticking their eyes to their smartphones, you may not automatically conclude that they are sending a text message or just a playing game. A new survey reveals that 27 percent of Americans are now using mobile devices to get news. It says that the trend is helping to increase news consumption nationally.

The findings are released by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism in the “2012 State of the News Media report.”

According to Pews, still over 80 percent of smartphone and tablet news consumers get news using laptop or desktop computers. On mobile devices, news consumers prefer to go directly to a news site or use an app rather that to depend on search, strengthening the connection with traditional news brands.

According to the survey, a number of Americans are now becoming multiplatform digital news consumers rather than sticking to one device. Pew added that consumers appear to be using their mobile devices in getting news on all their devices. It indicated that this suggests they are likely to get more news more frequent.

Director of the Project for Excellence in Journalism Tom Rosenstiel said that more people consider news as important part of their lives. However, Rosenstiel added that it is not yet certain as to who will benefit economically for this increasing interest for news.

Pew indicated that digital devices may be adding to the appeal of traditional news but there is concern that technology intermediaries are getting even more of the digital revenue share in advertising.

Online social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter considerably grew over the last year but still hardly a factor in daily news consumption. Only around a third as many consumers follow news through Facebook and a sixth as many in Twitter, according to the survey.

According to PEJ deputy director Amy Mitchell, there are many opportunities for news organizations in social and mobile market. However, they need strive more in marketing aspects, particularly understanding audience behavior and developing effective technology and revenue models than what they did in desktop realm.

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