A Taste of Windows Phone 7

As part of their creative marketing, Microsoft just launched Windows Phone 7 emulator. The company wants the consumer to have a taste of what Windows Phone 7 has to offer and how it works in practice. Consumers can explore the mobile operating system without the hassle of going to a phone shop or make a risk in an upgrade. All the consumers have to do is to visit http://m.microsoft.com/windowsphone/en-us/demo/index.html and explore all the major features of Windows Phone 7 by just using a smartphone.

The site is in HTML5 format, so even using the Android or iOS device will do. The WP7 platform in the site is not the exact copy of a working Windows 7 OS but it is very close to that.

This creative marketing by Microsoft might possibly bring them additional profit. Even though Windows Phone is not enjoying a large piece of a pie in the market, this strategy by the company may encourage new customer to try out a real Windows Phone 7 on their next upgrade.

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