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Mobile news… As Google and Apple lead the market share, we cannot deny the fact that Nokia and Microsoft are far behind with the two giant companies. The alliance of Nokia and Microsoft is a good start to make markings in smartphone history. After Nokia have been failing on the previous year producing smartphones that runs Symbian OS, now Nokia is back with the assistance of Microsoft and Intel for better and amazing smartphones ever.

Here are the 10 reason why Nokia and Microsoft will succeed in the mobile industry according to the mobile news this year or sooner.

1. Nokia’s smartphone models are appealing
The lumia series showed us a well designed smartphone that appealed the interest of smartphone users. Microsoft made a complete revision of its Windows Phone to temp customers to use Windows Phone supported devices such as Nokia and HTC’c Titan II. In CES 2012, people who attended the event were amazed to both Microsoft’s child, Nokia Lumia and HTC Titan. Nokia gives the best smartphone that are durable and worth the cost while Microsoft delivers a unique interface that differs to Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.

2. Nokia will gain back customer’s loyalty
Many smartphone enthusiasts were impressed and amazed to Nokia’s first Windows Phone supported smartphone series, The Lumia series. After struggling from the previous year and disappointing customer from Symbian OS, Nokia has come back with Microsoft to give their newest features that are far way different from the old one. As Nokia entered the US smartphone industry with their all new smartphones, there is a high possibility that customers would choose Nokia rather than iPhone and other Android supported devices.

3. Microsoft will gain back customer’s trust
After Microsoft had disappointed smartphone users from its previous Windows Phone OS, Microsoft now is working to give the best interface on smartphone ever, the Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. They promised to have unique and original designs to impress people and temp them to use Windows Phone supported devices. When Windows Phone will successfully invite people to use it and satisfied, then trust from customers will take place.

4. Windows Phone 7 will attract enterprise customers
We all know that Apple had done a great job in delivering great business application as business men tend to use Apple’s devices for business purposes such as reporting and etc. We also had witnessed Microsoft succeeded on the previous years from their Microsoft Office on desktops and laptops. Microsoft is now working on Microsoft Office application for smartphone to have more functions just like on desktops and laptops – then there will be a high possibility that business men will choose Windows Phone supported devices for a handy business purposes.

5. Customers will likely to choose Windows Phone
Google’s Android leads the market as shown on a survey that has gained more than 50% of the market share. But what if people will realize that using Windows Phone is more precise and all their devices are more updated and stable? This will alarm Google as Google now started to receive complains from being inconsistent to its Firmware – Google unleashed a newer firmware which was Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich but is limited to smartphone devices. If smartphone users will get rid from Google’s inconsistency, then customers would probably choose Windows Phone.

6. The prices are reasonable
We all know that Nokia produces expensive devices and Nokia could not deny that fact – Nokia admitted that being expensive was one of the factors why their sales went down. After learning from the past, Nokia now is offering low-end smartphones that are affordable for smartphone enthusiasts who wants to use Nokia. Nokia Lumia 710 was the cheapest Windows Phone in the Lumia series. This kind of strategy would allow people to by Nokia phones that are enough to their budget. When cheaper Windows Phone supported smartphone are available then it would catch the interest of the consumer like what Google’s Android powered devices did – they have low and high cost smartphones.

7. The marketing will start
T-Mobile introduced its own version of Lumia 710 in US last week then Lumia 900 was introduced in CES 2012. The introduction of Lumia series was a successful entry and if Nokia and Microsoft continue to do great jobs, then there is a possibility that they will beat those who are on the top and rule the smartphone markete.

8. A winning entry device
Nokia Lumia 710 is now available in the market and the entry of this low-end smartphone was successful. There were many good comments and most of the people were impressed – this would surely temp smartphone users to taste the high-end version of Lumia when they have bought the Lumia 710.

9. Nokia exposed great devices in CES 2012
Nokia exposed all great line ups of smartphones in CES 2012. People also witnessed the announcements of Lumia 900 done by Stephen Elop, Steve Ballmer, and Ralph Dela Vega with a missed call from Bill gates. Their entry to the smartphone industry would divert the interest of smartphone users.

10. Mobile news: Nokia gained majority attention in CES 2012
Apple was not able to participate the CES 2012, Google was there and other smartphone manufacturers. Even Apple wasn’t there, attendees tend to talk about Apple and compare devices from Apple’s devices. Other than that, Nokia and Microsoft successfully gained attention in CES 2012 as attendees were looking forward to Nokia, Microsoft and Intel’s announcements.

In mobile news summary, the association of Nokia and Microsoft had successfully built their new reputation in the smartphone industry as they both failed on the previous year. Nokia promises to make devices that are durable and originally well-designed both low and high cost smartphones as Microsoft continues to program Operating System for Mobile that are catchy, unique, preloaded with applications, full of features and originally designed interface. Overall, it was a great introduction from Nokia and Microsoft.

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