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Mobile news presents… HTC introduces Titan II that runs Windows phone 7.5 Mango with a 16 mega-pixel camera in CES 2012. Nokia released its first LTE 4G smartphone that runs Windows Phone Lumia 900, while HTC also made a smartphone that will also run Windows Phone with a 16 mega-pixelm Titan II.

Though the phone doesn’t have dual core processor, it is still equipped with preloaded applications for satisfying customer. The HTC Titan II will play with Nokia’s Lumia 900 in the market that both run Windows Phone with LTE 4G for faster data sharing.

The Titan II looks similar to its ancestor Titan. The new device has more lines and curves that makes the phone stylish and resembles to HTC Sensation – HTC’s smartphone that runs Google’s Android OS that marked the market last second quarter of 2011.
The device has a screen size of 4.7-inch – just the same size of Galaxy Nexus – and has a thicker dimension.
The device is also hard to use as it has a thicker dimension and bigger screen, you need to use your other hand to reach every corner of the phone – the same issue with Galaxy Note – if not, there is a high possibility of dropping the phone.
The device supports LTE 4G from AT&T and no Verizon yet as of now.
Regarding to its camera, there were many smartphone that has 12 mega-pixel camera built-in in CES but the Titan II’s 16 mega-pixel camera took the plot.
It has wide-angle lens, panorama mode and auto fix features. You can also press the Camera button even the phone is lock to initiate photo capturing.

Overall the phone was good, faster data sharing through LTE 4G, 16 mega-pixel camera for wider and detailed photos. Though the HTC Titan II is too big compared to a standard size smartphone, the phone is equipped with numerous features for customer’s satisfactory.

Microsoft did a good job on Windows Phone and maybe this is the start for Microsoft to sustain the competitive clash in smartphone industry.

Expect AT&T to release its own version of HTC’s Titan II that will offer an introduction price from $200 to $300 these coming months of this year. (c) 2012

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