Mobile News | Microsoft Will Soon Shut Down App Store for Windows Mobile

Microsoft already made announcement to shut down the app store for its phone platform that it phase out. Owners of Windows Mobile phones can no longer browse the Marketplace starting May 9, 2012.

Owners of the new mobile OS of Microsoft, however, are not affected by the move. They can still enjoy the services of Windows Phone Marketplace.

Microsoft mentioned that users of old Windows Mobile phones who downloaded apps from Marketplace need not to worry because old apps will continue to work after the shutdown.

Additionally, the company reminded the affected users that if they make hard reset and delete apps to their Windows Mobile, they will no longer able to download them again from the Marketplace.

Mobile News sources indicate that the decision made by Microsoft is connected to its business plan reacting to the decline of its Windows Mobile’s share of the smartphone market, from 37% in 2006 to just only 3% in 2011.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone, the latest mobile operating system, is yet to pick up the fast phase of mobile world. According to mobile news sources, the company only has 3% of the smartphone market as of October 2011.

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