Mobile news: Nokia Introduces Lumia 710 Running on Windows Phone

Nokia was known in producing high quality, durable, and solid specs smartphones but their operating system Symbian brought them to failure.

Now, after Nokia had associated with Microsoft, Nokia introduces Lumia 710 that runs with Windows Phone operating system.

The Lumia 710 is younger than the 800 in the series. The phone is not tend to be premium nor cheap. It has a soft rubber in the back to give a good grip in using the phone and also its screen is made of shiny plastic. The Lumia could be compared to HTC’s Radar but the Radar is more expensive and its design is more tempting.

Just like all smartphones, the Lumia has its power button, volume rocker and 3 navigation buttons which are back, home and menu. The power button is not quiet responsive as it reddened with the bezel. The design doesn’t look advanced. It has a 3.7 inch screen with a WVGA display which uses the Nokia’s ClearBlack technology – which allows the display being visible in the presence of the sun light.

It runs with Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” operating system – the newest updated for Windows Phone 7. The Lumia 710 phone is tending to be operated by newbie smartphone users with bold colors, big clear font and straightforward menu system. Just like other operating system from Microsoft, the Windows Phone is simple but yet full of features – you can sync your Xbox Live account, listening music and watching videos through the Zune player and be able to access to the full version of Microsoft Office.

You can also initiate multitasking with third party application as well as the Internet Explorer 9 in Windows Phone 7.5 Mango – just press and hold the Back button for prompt switch on recent used applications. Your recent applications used are listed in a sequential order from the very recent going back.

Since Lumia is equipped with Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, then you can also stay attached with your friends through people hub that connects you to you Facebook, Tweeter, LinkedIn, outlook and Windows live messenger account. With the help of people hub, you don’t have to jump into other applications to interact with your friends. Because it is Windows Phone, you can group your contacts depending on your convenience.

The photo hub in Mango makes your social networking experience easy as it automatically detects the person on the picture and asks your approval to tag the name of that person. It works in Facebook and SkyDrive, but remember that the photo hub do not tag automatically.

When it comes to surfing, the Internet Explorer 9 is supported with HTML5 and equipped with graphic accelerator hardware. You can also use Bing Search for searching locations nearest to you or searching locations that you want to go like restaurants, mall, hotel and etc. It is also built with à la Shazam music recognition software.

The Lumia 710 is packed with preloaded applications like ESPN, Netflix, Slacker Radio and Weather channel. It is also equipped with firm navigation apps T-Mobile TV and Nokia Drive for your navigating purposes.

Regarding to its performance, the Lumia 710 has a single core 1.4 GHz Snapdragon processor – it is just the same with Lumia 800. The phone runs smoothly over all but sometimes it lags a bit on a certain applications like the ESPN and Weather Channel.

Lumia 710 uses T-Mobile’s 14.4-mbps HSPA+ network which is inferior to HSPA+ 21 network. It downloads 0.5 mbps and uploads 1.37 mbps as recorded in WP7 Speed test application.

There is a low coverage on T-Mobile in South Park nearby San Francisco, so it would be hard to call a friend as it needs more signal to perform a call.

About its camera, it has a 5 mega-pixel and it can capture video up to 720p resolution which differs on Lumia 800 that has 8 mega-pixels and features Carl Zeiss lens. The Lumia 710 gives a satisfying and average photo. The phone has only one camera and it has no front-facing camera.

However, the Nokia 710 is affordable and worth the cost. It contends the HTC Radar that runs the same operating system but more expansive. The Nokia 710 would be a great introduction that will strike the interest of smartphone newbie. (c) 2012

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