Mobile News: Nokia’s Smartphones Sales Declined

The latest mobile news: Nokia announced that the company’s mobile sales had declined last final three months of 2011. Nokia lost after a tax of 1.08bn Euros – that’s $1.4bn; £905m – and its net sales fell 21% to 10bn Euros earlier on the previous year.

Net sales of mobile phones were down by a quarter.
Nokia released its first two smartphones that run Windows Phone Os in October last year. The company hopes that they will gain back their loss in the competition with Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android OS.

According to Chief Executive Stephen Elop that, “The fourth quarter of 2011 marked a significant step in Nokia’s transformation. Overall, we are pleased with the performance of our mobile phones business.”

New models
Nokia was known from being the no. 1 cellphone manufacturer way back to the GSM era. But when smartphone started to turn the wheel, Nokia started to fall while Apple and Google were starting to play the market place.

To gain back their loss in the market place, Nokia decided to abandon Symbian OS and associated with Microsoft for their new image in smartphone industry – to have Windows Phone.

In October of last year, Nokia released its first Windows Phone smartphone Lumia 800 and 712 in Europe and Asia and went into US earlier of this month. Nokia sold 1 million devices of Lumia.

As we already reported at mobile news, Nokia also confirmed that the company will release new smartphone models in China and Latin America by the first half of this year.

According to the company that this year would be the turning point of Nokia and they will not possibly show any sales or profit forecasts.

Nokia announced on Wednesday that the company had already sold 1.5 billion mobile phones based on the S40 operating system. It sells 12 phones based on S40 family every second that estimated around 675 million active owners of S40 phones. (c) 2012

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